Configuring OpenHAB and KNX via GUI only?


I successfully installed OpenHAB 2.3 on my RasPi. I started configuring and added the KNX addon.
I looked in the Web how to configure OpenHAB and KNX, but all tutorials I found are doing the configuration via config files.

So my question is:

Can I configure a OpenHAB and KNX via the GUI only?

I tried, but it does not send any KNX telegrams yet. For the more advanced features I’ll have to change the config file, but I only want to switch one light on/off for a start…


Well that’s definitely possible with knx2.

Text files are a very efficient way to describe the configuration.

There is a proverb in germany: “Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte” which is true often;

But to be honest, one can write a thousand words in a posting and use only 7 or 8kByte, this would be a picture about the size of a stamp…

So it should be possible to configure OpenHAB with the KNX without touching any config file?
I only want an definite “yes” or “no” answer.

If it’s “no” I would not invest more effort to try it.
If it’s “yes” I will try to find my errors.

And I know that configuring via text files is more powerful, but this is not a discussion which way is better…


yes, definitely :slight_smile:

And no, it’s not more powerful to configure by text files. There is really no difference between text configuration and configuration e.g. through Paper UI,other than if configuring via text files you have to type all the stuff by yourself (but in one single file) while when configuring via Paper UI you have to type only the values (GA, DPT and so on) in predefined fields, but you have to create the bridge and at least one thing separately and then configure all your channels on at least one thing.