Configuring Openhab2 without UI


I am currently configuring three Openhab1 installations through my private nextcloud.
These installations are not running in my own home and are only used from the respective people.
All configuration is done locally and then synced via cloud to the corresponding instances.
Because I can reuse almost everthing this is not very much effort for me.
Since I am looking into Openhab2 I am wondering how I can achieve the same thing?
How do I define things and link the corresponding channels through thing-files?
Some bindings (e.g. ZWave) require a special ID in the channel string. (e.g.
How do I define this using the .thing files?


You need the zwave test binding for that, it is not possible with the stable or snapshot zwave binding:

Anyone have info on how to do it without UI using the test binding? Have not been able to find anything on that.

I recommended OH2 to a colleague of mine and the thing and channel generation through the UI is one of the things he really is struggling with.
For me the OH1 concept - once understood - was more elegant and easier to user. Hoping for some things to change so the textual configuration is soon usable again.