Configuring openhabian to auto-update

I am a Linux novice, so was delighted to find openhabian, which got me up and running on a raspberry pi without having to learn the intricacies of Linux.

However with the recent news about wifi vulnerabilities I thought I should check whether the operating system running my openHAB server has been updating itself. It seems that it hasn’t. I’ve done a one-off update of everything, but would like to set-up automatic updates.

I have tried to work out how to configure openhabian to regularly check for updates to the operating system and apply them, but have not found anything in the openHAB documentation or elsewhere online that I felt confident to implement without taking advice.

Is there something really simple and obvious that I am missing? Or could you point me to some articles that would help me do this without having to spend too many hours learning!

Thanks very much,


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