Confirmation before triggering


my parents can control their garage doors with openHAB using the iOS app.
sometimes they accidentally push a button (while scrolling through the app) and the garage opens :wink:

would it be possible to add an confirmation pop up ("open garage door? Yes / No) for certain buttons?

of course not every switch or button should trigger a pop up! the app could “know” when to show a confirmation dialogue box by looking at certain tag in a sitemap item
–> Switch item=pushbutton1 label=“Garage 1” confirmation=“yes”

thank you,

Hi Stefan,

Dont think so.
But with using you could send Them a notification that the door is open.

Then they could close it again


You could potentially create a workaround using two items (the first one to “unlock” the second one. In the sitemap, you could even display the second item only, if the first one is in unlocked state (using "visibility).
Just create a rule that automatically sets the first item to “lock” again after a minute or so.

@karsten yes, that’s what i do at the moment :wink: i use prowl which seems way more reliable than my.openhab notifications.

@Kai that seems to be worth a try, thanks! do you think it would be possible to add such a functionality to openhab? or maybe it isn’t necessary to change anything in openhab and just make the ios app react to a custom tag in a sitemap item definition?

Yes, it could be considered as a special behavior for widgets with the future version of sitemaps (see discussion at


Sorry to necropost, but figured this might add to the conversation that is still showing up at the top of Google searches for confirmations in OpenHAB.

What I’ve done is a not a true “confirmation” but requires a two-step action to trigger… which sounds like it’s what you’re after.

This sitemap entry set shows an item that says “Garage Door [STATUS]” that you then select to get the submenu for the switch to open/close the door.

        Text item=GarageDoorString label="Garage Door [%s]" {
            Switch item=GarageDoorSwitch label="Garage Door" mappings=[OFF="Closed",ON="Open"] 

Here’s the one I use to prevent actually turning off my water by accident: :slight_smile:

        Text item=WaterValveShutOffStatus label="Main Water Valve [%s]" icon="water" {
            Switch item=WaterValveShutOffStatus label="Main Water Valve [%s]" icon="water"