Confirmation of Z-Wave excluded device?

Would it be possible to add a confirmation to the Zwave binding for exclusion? Several times now I’ve attempted to exclude a device and a different device is actually excluded. It would be great if there were a way to ask for confirmation instead of removing the unintended device. Admittedly it would be better to debug the actual issue causing this, but I do not exclude often and most of the time it works. It’s just that it can be very painful when it goes wrong - I then have to access the device that was unintentionally excluded which may be in a difficult place to access and reinclude it.

I will try to remember to turn on the debug logs when I exclude next time but that may not be in the near future. Has anyone else hit this problem? In the regular logging it shows the wrong device being excluded, not the one that I’ve put into exclusion mode. Not much to look at - no error or warning, just the wrong device excluded.

This is on OH 3.2 milestone builds and happened recently with OH 3.3 released.

No - this is not possible. The binding just puts the controller into exclusion mode - the actual exclusion is managed completely by the controller and there is no opportunity to confirm a device removal.

Normally it should not be possible to exclude the wrong device since you should also have to click a button on the device itself.

Rarely, but it has happened to me. I attributed to bad timing. The unintended device sends a message like a NIF when the controller is in exclusion mode.


so this must be a bug in the controller itself then? I’ve definitely had cases where I click the button on a device for exclude, and immediately I can see in the log that a different device was excluded. And if it is true this is inside the controller, then likely debug logs won’t help much since the problem is in the controller, not in the binding?