Confirmed: Somfy URTSI II Binding works over RS-485

The URSI II Binding documentation states that “the binding supports the RS232 communication”. This implies that is does not support RS-485 or maybe just that the author had never tried it. I would like to report that I got it working without any messing around. Since RS-485 supports up to 16 URTSI II devices on the same bus, I suppose it would be ideal if this device address was configurable in the Thing or Binding, it doesn’t affect me personally. At the moment is is hard-coded to 1, the only valid value for RS-232.

It seems like this information would be good to add to the documentation. Should I just go ahead and submit a PR?

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Oh, I forgot to mention, here is the USB RS-485 device I had success with, connected to my Raspberry PI 3b.

Open an Issue first and then submit a PR for any changes to the code. Go ahead and just submit the PR for the README additions.