Confused about wiring shelly 1

*greetings folks, I am running openhab v2.2 on a Raspberry Pi 3 and trying to connect a light for testing shelly1 device

When I have the shelly1 connect to live and neutral on the power cord and I plug it in and then test the switch in HABPanel I can hear it clicking when I turn it on and off. So now I wanted to connect the shelly to the power cord and then out to a 2 wire lamp. shelly1%20help but when I search out how to connect the wires all the diagrams are confusing so I added the image and gave each wife a name and was hoping someone could tell me the proper connectivity. I am in the US

Any assistance would be appreciated

Welcome to Openhab Wally,

Be very careful with 110/220V AC. IT CAN KILL YOU.
mains voltage should be done by a professional electrician.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way:
as long as your Lamp is 110V/230V the wiring should look like this:


as you havent said anything about the switch i havent drawn it.

Greetings Markus

Thanks very much. The switch was the circle object on the left that was the lamp. Thanks for your feedback.

Markus - could you help me as well?

All of the Shelly diagrams show connecting to a neutral, hot, and load. I’m having a difficult time finding a wiring diagram for just the two wire switch/outlet where one wire is hot and the second wire (neutral) continues to the load.

The are no separate load and neutral lines.

I was able to get Shelly1 to work (properly) by connecting the neutral to ground - but if I remember correctly this is not something one would want to do.

Can you help me understand?

If I replace the load with the switch (in the diagram in this thread) - then Shelly will only activate the light if the switch is on. This is not desirable. The switch and shelly should activate/deactivate the light independently.

Note: I figured this out for a three way set up where there are four wires. But, nothing is working regardless of how I wire this switch.

You simply can not run a shelly without a seperate neutral wire.

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