Connect new Xiaomi smart home gateway (v4) to mihome


I just got the new xiaomi gateway and unfortunately there is no “About” menu where I can enable and get the developer key.
On my network it shows up exactly like my v3 hub, that is “lumi-acpartner-mcn02_miapXXXX” where XXXX is the last four digits in the mac address.

Any ideas how to get into this bad boy? :slightly_smiling_face:
I would love if we could use it with the mihome binding just like the v3, that is so convenient and stable.

About the device for those that don’t know it.
Wifi, Zigbee 3.0, Bluetooth Mesh.
Micro-usb powered, comes with a US/China usb supply (5V1A).
Apple Homekit.

So after a couple of days of research it would seem there is no easy way to retrieve the developer key.
If I understand the documentation right (albeit translated with google) they have, just like Aqara, moved key retrieval to the cloud.
The Mi IoT cloud is however only accessible to enterprises, no individual access.
So pending that they expose the key to individuals or someone finds a way to hack it and get the key, this gateway is not compatible with OpenHAB :frowning:

I have of course tried to find a hidden menu in the app by tapping every possible location 10+ times and also tried long pressing every place, but unfortunately no success.

EDIT: I also tried changing the app to Chinese and look for a hidden menu, but it made no difference.
If anyone got any ideas I’m very open to suggestions :slight_smile:

That is a real shame to hear @ProjectMarvin. Please do keep us posted, hopefully they will allow users to request their developer key eventually.

I am stuck at the same point now… cant find any information on the internet. I guess I will open a support request. Maybe they have changed their mind…

Good idea, please tell us what they answer.
I will try with the Chinese support.

I sent an request via mail, online chat and the feedback hub in the app. None off the answeres from there were useful at all…

I got it to work now with the Conbee II stick ( It’s currently at 40 €.
This stick has the advantage to skip the Xiaomi Bridge as a whole and connects the sensors directly to the conbee stick.

This works out great. Setup done in about 5 min.

Just don’t get confused

The conbee will work with zigbee based devices from Xiaomi, but not with the ones which are bluetooth based for instance here .
For which I bought my gateway.
And this gateway is still not able to work with openHAB as of now. I was optimistic to get it done but no luck.

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