Connect physical button to group of lights


I have the following scenario:

  • OH3.2
  • 3 light strips controlled via mqtt
  • each light strip has an own switch in OH.
  • one group item for all switches
  • a button to controll 4 zones also connected via mqtt
  • each button is an item in OH

I used linking 2 different channels to one item with the “follow profile” option before (other use case) but it seems that wont work with a group?
Anything I’m missing here or do I have to use rules for that?

You can’t link a Channel to a Group Item so you can’t use the follow profile for this. You’ll have to use a rule. But that’s what rules are for, to handle those things that can’t be handled in other ways.

MQTT channels also provide the postCommand option. When configured, this takes incoming messages on the stateTopic and uses them to produce commands on any linked Item.
Specifically intended for a remote control panel to act like the GUI, producing commands from user action.

Still has the drawback that you cannot link to a Group type Item, but you can directly link to multiple ordinary Items.

Yeah then I’m going to use rules. Just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything.
Thank you both. :slight_smile: