Connect to RFXtrx433E via tcp

Hello, When using the RFXCOM binding, you must enter a device ID.
To find the Device id i downloaded RFXCOM manager from their website to my windows 10, pluged in the RFX device to my laptop and activaded my 433 device and thats how i get the Device ID to use in the RFXCOM binding and everything works fine.

However, it is enoying to remove my RFXtrx433E device from my raspberry pi and put in my windows laptop only to find the device ID.

In RFXCOM manager there is an option to connect over TCP using local network ip. However my raspberry pi refuses the connection on port 10001.

Does anyone know how to connect to the RFXtrx433E while the device is plugged in to the raspberry?
Or is there a simple way to find the device ID without rfx manager?

Thank you!

@kazu, by device id you mean sensor or actuator id, e.g wall plug or temperature sensor?

Or do you mean device ID as asked for when you add a thing for the Remote RFXtrx433 in openHAB? On the Pi you you need to run something that relays data between a TCP port and the serial port. In openHAB you just add an RFXtrx433 via TCP and fill in the host name (or IP) and port to connect to. No need to worry about the thing ID - but you can call it Bill or George. Anything but Sue! (ObJohnnyCash reference :slight_smile:)