Connect with websocket to external system


I am trying to connect to an external system by setting up a websocket connection within a new binding.

When I go to the manifest file, I can add a dependency to package org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.client 9.2.12. This allows it to compile within the IDE. However, if I run maven install for my binding, I get an error such as:
Missing requirement: 2.0.0.qualifier requires ‘package org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.client 9.2.12’ but it could not be found

I am confused how I should be handling dependencies.

I see those jars are available within the openhab runtime. Does that mean they are exposed for binding usage?

If not, how should I be specifying dependencies for my binding? Do I manually download them and put them in the lib folder, or should I be using maven?


I just manually downloaded and added the following files to my lib folder.


Seems to work. If anyone knows a better way would appreciate feedback.