Connect Xiaomi Gateway to OpenHab

Hello Dear Community,

I recently bought a Xiaomi Chinese Gateway.

I would like to connect this to my OpenHab, I installed already the Xiaomi Binding Addon.

The Discover of Items was sucessfull and found the right device with the right IP address.

After I try to get to token ( tried it several ways mostly impossible to do that ), I got a token key and I think this is the right one. I paste it to the item and save it. After a few minutes this comes in the log and the Item goes to Offline - Configuration_ERROR

Please try to help me, this would be the brain of the smart system.

Thank you very much,

Welcome to the Community!

You found the hint “Configuration Error” but with out posting your configuration it’s hard to say what the issue may be.


I found the problem was the Developer key. I decrypted the database and now it works with the new developer key. But my biggest problem now is all my Gateways ( I have 2 different ), recognized as a Generic item, so I cannot use as a bridge, so worth really nothing. Any Idea why?

Did you check the binding doc’s to see if your gateway is supported?

Hi there! I have the same problem! My gateway is Mijia and its hasan’t developer mode, and also it is not supported by Xiaomi MIIO binding. I consider to connect all my devices by zigbee2mqtt.
I need to know is it possible to make this devises supported by the binding.
Is it somewhere documentation about this binding and the description of its work. I really have interest to help to extend the possibilities of this binding.

Until your device is supported using zigbee2mqtt is a good solution as I use this and it works well.

Hello everyone, I spent a few days trying in various ways found on the internet how to connect the Mi gateway ZNDMWG03LM model to OH, I didn’t find anything that works. So I came across some tutorials installing the gateway on Hassio. In a few minutes I installed the Hassio on pi4 and add-on homekit accessories.
It was amazing how it automatically found the gateway and it was just necessary to put the code in the homekit and everything worked perfectly.

I ask, would OH not have an add-on with this wonderful functionality found in Hassio ???

I was really surprised how something so difficult to work with OH was so easy to use in Hassio.
Xiaomi sensors are excellent options, cost and durability of batteries. It would be wonderful to be able to use the gateway at OH.
A print of the hassio: