Connected Car Device

I paid a developer to write the binding, but decided to update their API so it no longer works. My question is, should I find another developer to update the binding or are there newer devices out there?

Looking for the ability to track 5 cars with as frequent updates as possible when moving. If I also am able to read fule, and other car data the better, but basically I just want to track them.

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So we are talking about the Telekom ODB adapter?! How does this binding work?

Today I am using the original ODB-II adapters that they used to sell, but I understand now they work with other adapters. It looks like from the website that they are not in the personal space anymore so that is partly why I am wondering if I should find someone to pay to update the mojio binding or pick new hardware.

I am not a developer but I will be interested in such a special binding. Cause I think when the official telekom adapter will be released the popularity of such a binding will be high. :slight_smile:

I believe that most - or even all - of those adapters are just standard OBD-II devices with either a bluetooth link or like the and Telekom ones to have a GPS tracker and mobile network HW and a SIM card included.

If it’s just about location tracking, you could put an old smartphone into the car and use owntracks.

If you want to obtain car data, too, you might rather like to go for a generic solution to work without I would not expect them or any other company to support an open API in the long run.
Have a look at this old thread and the links in there. Maybe you could get your developer to use that as a basis for your next-gen solution (it would rather be an app than a binding, upstreaming the data using MQTT) to work on a generic level (i.e. it’s supposed to work with any of those OBD-II devices). And if you then were willing to even share it with the openHAB community, that I would be a great gift.

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Just to put this out there: I would also be very much interested in a solution for this use case! I am currently using the solution but they do not offer an official interface. (The service is still young and I can’t fully recommended it)


Does it have sim card? How else can you know when its stolen?

I guess we could always hack a bluetooth dongle, rpi0 and gsm hat and then send data to an mqtt server or something…

yes the adapter from the telekom will have a sim :slight_smile:

I’d also prefer an out-of-the-box solution rather than a rpi+x in my car.

@Multisaft7 what is the difference between the adapter and the Telekom one? Without the intend to offend anyone, I’d prefer something not closed down by telekom :slight_smile:

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@ThomDietrich I think the adapter will be the same…my understanding was that the telekom is a sales partner of and they will have an own app for the special telekom odb2 adapter…but when i visit the website i see no option to buy a adpter?!

Did some one look at open software like or
For traccar I found a list of device in the internet:
Devices that use ODB socket:
Meitrack TC68
Meitrack TC68S
Atrack AX5
Atrack AX5C
Atrack AX7


That’s basically my idea and recommendation, too. A generic OBD-II bluetooth adapter plus no Pi but a cheap or used smartphone to have BT, GPS and SIM/GSM. Permanently install that into the glove locker and attach it to your USB there to get its battery charged at any time.
Now ‘all’ we need is an Android app to read data via BT from the OBD adapter, to decode and turn it into preferrably MQTT or HTTP to be sent over the mobile network to some cloud or home server.
If someone came up with a device to combine those two, that’s also fine. But at least as of today, there do not seem to be generic (“open”) combined devices available. Those available (like are not open - you can only use them indirectly by subscribing to the service that that company offers.
And any company to offer that bundle (like or also tries to make money with providing that service or app. That comes at a price, literally and figuratively. Even if you’re fine with paying the price for the service (and not every smarthome user is), you’re always at risk of that company to change anything (as Nathan just experienced), to provide a bad service (outages, data disclosure, …) or to stop providing the service at any time e.g. when they have to go out of business.
That being said, @sipvoip and all, please have another look at the links from my last post if they could become a basis for that undertaking.

Looking at:

Even better:

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Looks incredible!

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Wow, this is like exactly what I need! It seems they just finished a Kickstarter fundraising, so we’ll have to wait until they start manufacturing.

Yep sadly, I’ve registered for the newsletter to get notified as soon as a preorder is possible.

While browsing the feature list, I realized that they put a strong focus on triggers, actions and general integration. I wonder if they are interested to push that level forward. If so maybe they will provide hardware and/or support for someone wanting to integrate openHAB @sipvoip maybe that’s an option for you (and us) :wink:

Btw. Their website is amazing. Marketing done right.


Agreed, I too am disappointed I didn’t make the Kickstarter!

Same Here :see_no_evil:
I also subcribed the newsletter

Hey guys i got an answer from auto.pi…

Hi Carsten,

We will open up for pre-orders before this week is over. This will be from our website.

Best regards,
The AutoPi team
The 4G edition is going to priced at 245€. We ship world wide with dhl. Openhab is not support right now. If we have high demand for it, we will look into it.
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