Connected car

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as I also live in Europe and hate to even pay for giving my motion data to someone’s cloud, the posting inspired me to look for alternatives.
We could make use of most car’s OBD II interface to rather easily get and transfer motion data when driving, just as does. OBD II bluetooth reader adapters to connect to your smartphone are available for as little as 15€.

Here’s an overview and here’s a blueprint framework for an Android app and a server counterpart with a REST API.

Would anyone be willing to jump the barrel and turn this into a OH binding ?


If the Android app were to push data to an MQTT broker instead of a server with a REST API, much like the OwnTracks app does, then no new openHAB binding would be needed – only knowledge of the message data format and topic(s) they are published to. Or, you could embed the knowledge of the data format into a very simple binding, like the MQTTitude/OwnTracks binding does.

…IOW, fork the OwnTracks app, add the Bluetooth bits, Bob’s your uncle!

Since the 1.8 MQTT binding now lets you directly update Location, DateTime and all other item types directly, using only the MQTT binding should be pretty straightforward.

Agreed, we don’t need a binding. But we need someone to hack the app.
I just asked the OBD reader app’s author, and I actually intended to also ask the owntracks guys to add the bluetooth/OBD feature set, but I’m unsure if they’re willing to.

I just asked the OwnTracks “spokesman” via an issue, and he rejected adding a generic API to OwnTracks so out of hand that it seemed like he didn’t even read the suggestion. In any case, my advice to simply “fork and forget” OwnTracks and use it as a base remains. Just make your own app with all the Bluetooth bits added and publish those additional metrics when they are coming in from the OBDII device.