Connected surge protector


Does anyone know of any connected surge protectors that can indicate it’s protection status to an external device somehow?

I can’t find any products like these when googling :thinking:

I can find plenty of “Smart” surge protectors that are just smart power strips with built in surge protection, but these can never share the protected status.

Surge protectors are finite devices whose wear is based on accumulated surges, and I would really like a connection to openhab so I can get a notification when it’s time to replace it.
Just a protected/not protected indication is enough :slight_smile:

I guess I can use an arduino to tap the signal to the indicator LED or even look at the light, but I would prefer an off the shelf solution.

Thank you for any suggestions :slight_smile:

So after more googling I have found plenty of solutions for whole house protection, but nothing that plugs into a socket.
Might have to go the Arduino way :slight_smile:
Still any input would be highly appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are surge protectors which don’t wear out, it might just be easier to go that route.



Do you have any links for surge protectors that don’t wear out? I’m under the impression that all surge protectors wear out over time.


I’m showing my age! Once upon a time aparently long long ago there was at least one company that made surge protectors based on really big chokes, capacitors and gas discharge tubes. Unless you were hit by a direct lightning strike to your drop they would live through anything. But, hard as I search, I can’t find them. Jerry Pournelle wrote about them in the Chaos Manor column in Byte back in the day. I know that one day a drunk guy hit a power pole down the street from him and dropped the 20KV line at the top of the pole onto the 220V distribution line to his block and everything in the house plugged into any thing with surge suppression lived and almost everything without them died. I might suggest that if you purchase one smart one or one device to monitor surges, that you then use the info from that to know when to replace all the surge protectors in the house. They are usually all plugged all the time and should all get basically the same surges.

Seems like maybe I was wrong. I guess they ended up being to expensive for the market and just fell by the wayside. Wish I remembered the name of the company.