ConnectedCar Binding myAudi, Volkswagen, VW ID, Mercedes, Skoda, Enyaq, Seat, Ford, WeCharge

This has been answered many times before. A maually installe binding (placed in addons folder) is not shown under installed bindings. You need to go to Things configuration and hit the big blue button with the “+” symbol, select the ConnectedCar binding and then the appropriate thing type…

If you don’t see the binding listed there, please check if the binding is runnin by typing


on openHAB’s Karaf console.

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you are 100% right! Sorry for the noise…

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Hello!! I’m testing your binding with my Skoda Octavia RS PHEV and all work correctly! I only have a trouble with the total range which is update with UNDEF value.


same problem with the update on my side. I have an ID.3.
I have successfully installed the latest connectedcar snapshot (from Github, oct. 14th build) on my OH 3.1 system.
Manual setup with files. Bride and Car are “green” and all values get initially fetched.
But then, there is no regular update.
For a manual value update, I implemented a switch with an 1s-expire feature. So, the trigger goes ON and autimatically back to OFF.
But the Timestamp for the data does not change.

This confirms the issues, which is mentioned above.
Best regards

values from my ID.3 are updated regularly - as long, as values have changed and the car has sent an update to WeConnect.
I believe, the “last update” timestamp shown from the binding shows the last update IF values have changed - not the last time, the binding connected successfully and has read the values…

Best regards - Dirk

Hi Markus,
I have encountered some problems in my OH environment since a couple of days:

  • items with dynamic state options from my Kodi and Squeezebox things did not work as expected, especially favourite and channel lists; the items neither got a value nor the items could be used to send a selection back to the thing/binding.

I have searched a little bit and came across the following topic:

Looking for bundle:list, I found out that OH showed the Connected Car binding as using dynamic state options as well and the binding was listed before all the other bindings.
Therefore, I removed the binding and first checked, if the items from Kodi/Squeezebox worked again - this was the case.
I have then installed the latest build from Connected Car again, this time the binding showed up as the last one (highest ID) in bundle:list. In fact, the items from Kodi/Squeezebox are still working.

Maybe you want to re-check handling of the dynamic state options in Connected Car?

Thanks and kind regards

update on ID.3 is working in my setup ( OH3.1 and latest ConectedCar build) if value are changed. But during car charging there is no update, only after charging is finish OH will be updated. In WeConect the status (eg. Charging, -level) shows the right value each time.

Kind regards

Edit: more clear description

As you could see in the log the APi returns no value for total range (“”) Did you checked primaryRange?

that’s fully correct

Please provde a DEBUG log showing the situation

Hi Markus,

I enabled DEBUG, but today the binding is working well without any issue (each 15 min get status and during charging it update the changed item values).
I did an reboot from OH3.1 last night, which fix the issue of no update.

Thanks a lot for your great effort to provide the connectedcar binding.

kind regrads


hello!! primary and secondary range are OK and show the range of fuel and battery:

uff, should I really add a hack to compute totalRange from prim+sec when getting an invalid value for total?

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Hi Markus,

it happened again today, that the connectedcar item values are not updated.
The log show, that the right values are in the response from “VW-Server” but changed items are not updated.

Log from 21.10 Item update are working: connectedcar_202110211120_item_update_ok.log (20.3 KB)

Log from 22.10 Items are not updated: connectedcar_202110221137_item_update_fail.log (36.2 KB)

Screenshot Items at 22.10-12:57 no Item Updates since 10:37 (opened car and connect charging cable) :

kind regards


No!! i will do it with a rule, don’t worry!!

thanks for ur work!!

Hello Mr. Pechmann,
thanks for the updates in describing the behavior.
Now I see Updates after I locked the car (it seems to send then an Update to WeConnect).
In the next 15min (default) Update Cycle, this data gets fetched and displayed in the binding.
I have not managed to trigger an extra fetch by the Switch “Control_UpdateVehicleStatus”.
It doesn’t seem to trigger anything on my side. How do you operate it? Is there a Timing to meet ?
During Charging, I could not see any updates. Connect, Currents, ChargingTime, and so one,
nothing updated – this would correspond to your failure log.

Best regards

As you might saw @cweitkamp provided a fix. Please try the updated build

Check the log:

2021-10-22 11:43:21.313 [DEBUG] [nectedcar.internal.api.ApiHttpClient] - WVWZZZE1ZNP000000: HTTP 207 Response: {  "data": {    "batteryStatus": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:43:20Z",      "currentSOC_pct": 69,      "cruisingRangeElectric_km": 257    },    "chargingStatus": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:43:20Z",      "remainingChargingTimeToComplete_min": 245,      "chargingState": "charging",      "chargeMode": "manual",      "chargePower_kW": 1.5,      "chargeRate_kmph": 7    },    "chargingSettings": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:42:49Z",      "maxChargeCurrentAC": "maximum",      "autoUnlockPlugWhenCharged": "permanent",      "targetSOC_pct": 80    },    "chargeMode": {      "preferredChargeMode": "manual",      "availableChargeModes": [        "invalid"      ]    },    "plugStatus": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:42:49Z",      "plugConnectionState": "connected",      "plugLockState": "locked"    },    "climatisationStatus": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:42:48Z",      "remainingClimatisationTime_min": 0,      "climatisationState": "off"    },    "climatisationSettings": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:42:48Z",      "targetTemperature_C": 21,      "targetTemperature_F": 70,      "unitInCar": "celsius",      "climatisationWithoutExternalPower": true,      "climatizationAtUnlock": true,      "windowHeatingEnabled": false,      "zoneFrontLeftEnabled": false,      "zoneFrontRightEnabled": false,      "targetTemperature_K": 294.15    },    "windowHeatingStatus": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:42:48Z",      "windowHeatingStatus": [        {          "windowLocation": "front",          "windowHeatingState": "off"        },        {          "windowLocation": "rear",          "windowHeatingState": "off"        }      ]    },    "rangeStatus": {      "carCapturedTimestamp": "2021-10-22T09:43:20Z",      "carType": "electric",      "primaryEngine": {        "type": "electric",        "currentSOC_pct": 69,        "remainingRange_km": 257      },      "totalRange_km": 257    },    "capabilityStatus": {      "capabilities": [        {          "id": "automation",          "status": [            1004          ],          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "batteryColdWarning",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "batterySupport",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "cdisDigitalKey",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "charging",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "chargingStations",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "climatisation",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "dealerAppointment",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "destinations",          "status": [            1004          ],          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "fuelStatus",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "ignition",          "status": [            1004          ],          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "mapUpdate",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "measurements",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "onlineSpeech",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "parkingBrake",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "parkingInformation",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "parkingPosition",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "personalizationOnline",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "plugAndCharge",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "poiSearch",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "privateEmergencyCall",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "readiness",          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "roadExperienceManagementLocalization",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "roadExperienceManagementLocalizationUpload",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "roadsideAssistant",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "routing",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "state",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "trafficInformation",          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        },        {          "id": "vehicleHealth",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "vehicleHealthInspection",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "vehicleHealthWarnings",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "vehicleLights",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "vehicleWakeUpTrigger",          "status": [            1008          ],          "userDisablingAllowed": false        },        {          "id": "webRadio",          "status": [            1004          ],          "expirationDate": "2024-10-07T23:59:59Z",          "userDisablingAllowed": true        }      ]    }  },  "error": {    "lvBatteryStatus": {      "code": 4112,      "message": "The capability for the requested operation is missing",      "group": 2,      "info": "Internal error, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our support."    }  }}

The call returns HTTP 207. This SHOULD be handled by the binding.

I see
“error”: { “lvBatteryStatus”: { “code”: 4112,
“message”: “The capability for the requested operation is missing”, “group”: 2,
“info”: “Internal error, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our support.” }

Not sure if that is ignored.

Best would be to provde credentials and I could debug it. Send a PM.

try latest build

Let’s start with Mercedes. I uploaded the first build handling login and authentication.

  • copy the jar into the addons folder
  • enable TRACE logging on the OH console: log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.connectedcar
  • add a Mercedes Account Thing
  • enter your e-mail addresse used for the MercedesMe Account (password not required)
  • Save thing config. The Thing will go into status CONFIG_PENDING
  • You should receive an e-mail with a TAN. Edit thing config and insert the TAN, click Save
  • No the Account Thing should go online - you need to do this only once

Once the thing gets online I need the extract starting with “Mercedes: accessToken was created, valid for 5760sec” and the following " Mercedes: HTTP 200 Response" + Body and headers. With this information I could create the vehicle thing in the Inbox.