ConnectedCar Binding myAudi, Volkswagen, VW ID, Skoda, Enyaq, Seat, Ford, WeCharge

I created the Skoda-Connect-Account via the UI and the “car-thing” was then auto discovered.

Nothing done via files at all.
Looks like Skoda mixed up some stuff, maybe because e eCitigo WAS a gas-car in the past :wink:

Let me know, if I can help anywhere.

@markus7017 I tried the latest ConnectedCar Binding but I’m not getting any channels.
(myAudi Login / etron) . Waited 30 min.

The log shows

2021-08-12 19:49:00.523 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#timestamp updated with 2021-08-12T17:29:48.000+0200 (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.DateTimeType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.525 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#avgFuelConsumption updated with 0 l (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.QuantityType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.526 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#avgElectricConsumption updated with 26 kWh (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.QuantityType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.528 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#avgSpeed updated with 60 km/h (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.QuantityType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.529 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#startMileage updated with 0 km (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.QuantityType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.531 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#mileage updated with 10008 km (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.QuantityType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.532 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel tripLong1#overallMileage updated with 10008 km (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.QuantityType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.534 [DEBUG] [g.connectedcar.internal.ChannelCache] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Channel general#lastUpdate updated with 2021-08-12T19:49:00.000+0200 (type class org.openhab.core.library.types.DateTimeType).
2021-08-12 19:49:00.535 [DEBUG] [.internal.handler.VehicleBaseHandler] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Thing is now online
2021-08-12 19:49:00.541 [DEBUG] [.internal.handler.VehicleBaseHandler] - WAUZZZGE0MB027113: Enabling channel cache

Thanks to @markus7017 its working like a charm now with the new jar-file. Great Work, really appreciated!

I have one additional question, I´m not sure about: Is the binding doing an automatic reload/sync of the car-data? I´m doing this manually from time to time (when I expect, that there are interesting changes), but want to avoid this silly 50-download-limit.

BTW: Markus suggested to share my visualization:

No rocket-science at all, just a openHAB-Page as a floor-plan which I open as a pop-up from the Overview, with a fancy background and some markers. Let me know, if someone need some hints.

Oh, sorry. Just found out in the advanced-settings of the car-thing, there is the possibility to adjust the poll-frequency.

→ It´s an huge advantage to be able to read :wink:

there are 3 types of refresh

  • regular polling (you found the interval)
  • request a refresh from the vehicle (take care on the rate limit, the is a channel which gets updated by the action response)
  • after an action completed the binding triggers a regular poll

I updated the DEV build - an important one!!

The latest build brings

  • Integration of the FordPass API
  • Integration of the WeCharge API for the VW ID.Charger
  • Refactoring of the OAuth flow to simplify the integration of new APIs
  • Some bug fixes
  • Some channels have been moved from general to status group
  • README updated

This build has been tested to come up with 10 accounts of different brands and vehicles and some testing was already performed by other people. This doesn’t mean it’s bug free, but I have a good feeling. Please help to verify so I could open the PR.

  • Make sure to removed the CarNet binding if you still use this (deprecated, upgrade to ConnectedCar binding
  • Remove all things
  • Add the account thing, discovers vehicle thing
  • Add vehicle thing from Inbox, link channels (some of them are advanced) and add to model

Skoda Enyaq and VW.ID users: Make sure to select the specific Account Thins

There are 2 types of things

  • Account Thing implements the online access to the service backend
  • Vehicle Thing provides status data and remote control functions
Thing Description Portal API
myaudi myAudi Account thing (bridge) CarNet
volkswagen myVolkswagen Account (bridge) CarNet
skoda Skoda Connect Account (bridge) CarNet
seat myVolkswagen Account (bridge) myVolkswagen │Anmelden & Volkswagen ID │ Volkswagen Deutschland CarNet
vwid VW ID. Account (bridge) WeConnect.ID
skoda-e Skoda Enyaq Account (bridge) Skoda Native + CarNet
ford FordPass Account (bridge) FordPass
wecharge VW ID.Charger Account (bridge) WeCharge

Note that the VW ID. uses a different account thing than other Volkswagen and same for the Skoda Enyaq compared to other Skoda models.

Thing Description
cnvehicle CarNet Thing (Audi, VW, Skoda, SEAT
idvehicle VW ID. vehicle, e.g. ID.3/ID.4
sevehicle Skoda Enyaq vehicle
fordvehicle Ford vehicle
wcbox VW Wallbox with WeCharge service

You could also provide infos on your vehicle. I could add those to the list of verified vehicles.

Have fun :slight_smile:


PR is created =

  • bug reports welcome and will be fixed
  • feature freeze, except he PR takes a while to get reviewed

Hi there!
I own a VW eGolf and would be keen to integrate that into my openHAB system!
I use the VW “weconnect” software so an accound is existing.
What do I have to do to install the carnet-thing? An approriate binding does not exist in my version. I use the openHAB 3.1.0 Release Build. Maybe I have to upgrade!?


put this file in your addons folder:

binding will probably/hopefully integrated into openhab 3.2 (this is what markus’ last post about the pull request means)

Great! Worked immediately -thanks a lot!!! Also for the great working binding my regards to Markus!


I had to enter the Security PIN, afterwards everything works as expected.


Does someone uses the WeConnect App and sees things like odometer (km), maintenance info or light status? This info seems to be available at least for some models

@markus7017 Yes, WeConnect App can present such data, but not in all the details that are available through API and binding, e.g. level of open windows:

yup, I found it too

  • Using a gas car with WeConnect provides that data
  • but not when having an ID.3 (WeConnect.ID)

it’s a shame that they don’t implement that basic stuff for all cars. An ID.3 has also doors & windows :wink:

Does somebody has an ID.4?

I connected an eGolf.
The binding provides channels for many things as
windows state closed/not closed as well as %
lock state
battery state (very important)
range, based on battery state and last consumption
in total, there are ~100 information points…

GOOD JOB :slight_smile:

I updated the DEV Build:

  • CarNet: Follow http redirects helped to get an A3 e-tron online. I hope this has no side effects to other APIs/models, but so far it looks good
  • WeConnect: Added support for door/window, light status, odometer, maintenance infos and parking position. However, this depends on capabilities provided by the car. ID.3 seems to offer non of them.
  • WeCharge: Combine charging records from home and public/pay charging into one list. I implemented the lookup for charging stations nearby. The problem is: this requires the geo location of the car to provide meaningful results. If someone is interested in this feature, we could discuss how to implement it. I’m thinking on adding a channel and then a rule could fetch the geo position from the vehicle thing, set the location and then the WeCharge thing will run the query and provide the results a channel groups. This can then be used to display them on a map.
  • README updated, some re-factoring and cleanup

@cwi does currently initial testing and will give an update
anybody else welcome

Update: WeConnect (vwid+idvehicle) establishes connection well and reports a good range of information that I also have available through CarNet. WeConnect is faster than CarNet, which requires a whole lot of API calls to gather all the information. Yet, no controls were identified to be sent to my car, e.g. Lock/Unlock, probably a limitation of my account.
Some issues or inconsistencies with WeConnect were identified and reported to @markus7017 . Whomever needs to rely on WeConnect today, it is great to also have this option now in the binding - thanks to Markus’ continued efforts. I wonder when he finds a way to offer a channel like “control#ignite”, to start the car, or “control#silentmode” to mute my Diesel.

Hello, everyone,

I wanted to visualize the data from my AUDI. I have set up the items and can also see the values and states. So far everything is ok. Now I want to show the data in Basic UI. Unfortunately, the values are not displayed there. The other items from other devices such as my heating, etc. are displayed correctly there. I just can’t do it with the vehicle data.
Does anyone have any idea why it is? The display of the values on the OH homepage also works without any problems.

I am using the current version of openHAB 3.1.0 and connectedcar-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Greetings and thank you in advance for your effort.

Did you linked the channels to items?
Do thy show up in the Main UI under Model?