Connecting Homematic CCU2 with openHAB2

I’m totally new in openHAB and sorry if this question has been asked before. Anyway here is my goal: I want to connect my CCU2 with openHAB and want to add actions to openHAB, so openHAB is the main control software and the CCU2 is more like an “antenna” that connects to my different Homatic devices. After I set this up I want to connect it with the Amazon Alexa service to control common things with voice like “Alexa, turn down my heating to 20 degrees”.

So but for the first it’s just connecting the CCU2 (with devices) to openHAB and creating tasks. And for now I didn’t find any helpful tutorial that describes how to do.

Let’s get to the point, here is the final question: How to connect the CCU2 (with devices) to openHAB2??

Some specs that might help:
OpenHAB2 installed on an RaspberryPi3 with 2016/25/11 Jessie
No use of a CUL
Devices installed for now in my home: are heating thermostast, wall thermostats and windows reactors
installed Homematic binding

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Hiro,

first of all some links to the openHAB doc and the Readme for the Homematic add-on:

The configuration of the Homematic connection and the devices can be completely done in Paper UI. If you have installed openHAB 2 successfully and also the Homematic binding proceed as follows:

  1. go to “Inbox”
  2. press the “plus” button and select “Homematic Binding”
  3. without configuration of the CCU’s IP address nothing will be found, so select “Add manually” and “Homematic Binding”
  4. On the next screen enter the IP address of your CCU in field: “Gateway address” and select the blue button with the checkmark.

That’s it. Now you have to wait some seconds until the device are found and available in the Inbox. In the Inbox you can then select the things you want to use.

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Hey Martin,

Wow easy, thank you it worked!


Perfect description! Thanks!!! All works fine, but the thermostast don’t show up in the ccu interfaces. Can anyone help me?

Please check at first the state of the CCU in the Paper UI “Things” page. In german it is named “Zentral”. State should be “Online”. If not please restart openHAB (in some cases this is necessary after the Homematic add-on was configured).
Normally the binding detects all devices that are connected to the CCU and shows them in the Inbox. If not please check the openHAB log file whether there are any errors.

The Problem is that the Things are not listet in the CCU Gui. In openhab erverything works fine.

Ah OK. If you are not able to pair the device with the CCU then the device is probably not OK. Until now I had no problem connecting my devices to the CCU.
Is it one of the “older” thermostats or a HM-IP thermostat?

It is an older one. The pairing Works. I’m able to manage all the things trough openhab. Only in the ccu they are not shown.

btw.: is there a possibility to chat? irc or something else?

Puuuh right now I have no idea. Only to restart the CCU. We could chat (Hangout, Telegram, Skype ,…) but I think you could get more help in the Homematic Forum:

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