Connecting Loudspeakers to Pi5

I am planning to attach a simple 2-wire active loudspeaker to a Pi5 to play a doorbell.mp3 if the door bell is ringing. Currently I am on a Pi4 which has an audio plug but that was dropped on Pi5 devices.

I see two ways of doing that:

  1. Extract audio from HDMI with an adapter which converts HDMI to VGA and a seperate audio plug
  2. USB to audio jack converter with a DAC which operates as a soundcard

Did you make any experience yet with either way or do you have any concerns/comments about it?

Not for this use but in another use I tried to use 1 and it didn’t work.

I have had success using 2 to get audio on an RPi (cheaper too).

But none of these were used with OH so YMMV.

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In my experience it’s quite a pain to use a raspi to play sound but my experience is solely based on one project I’ve done in the past. I used one of these DACs: IQaudio DAC+ kaufen bei BerryBase but you could always hear some high frequency noise from the pi itself in the output. In the end I had to solder myself a low pass filter between the DAC and my speakers which mostly solved my problems after some other unsuccessful tries. It’s still not HiFi of course but this project was a Spotify player so sound quality was a lot more important than just for a doorbell of course. However since the noise was always there and not just during playback it would also matter for any other project I guess.

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I haven’t tried this with an RPi. The HDMI extractor won’t need drivers, but you’ll need to make sure the USB audio dongle is supported in Raspbian. As others have said, this may be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you don’t have the speaker yet, you could consider one that has built-in USB audio. However, you’d probably want to put it on a powered USB hub.

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Raspiaudio DAC Hat ~20 bucks Amazon
I have just used this one a few weeks back for different project for my neighbor as part of a project to pipe audio around his home office to the backyard and can confirm the newer later versions do not have the buzzing the older other versions did. worked really well with his “rock” speakers. yes the speakers look like a rock.

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