Connecting serial port to comfoair


I am wondering because comfoair 350 has 3 different interfaces:

  • RJ45
  • SubD9
  • Screw terminals (where my cc ease is already connected)
    Is there any difference? What is he suggested connector?

I already read that either the ComfoAir binding or the CCEase Comfocontrol can be active.
How do you solve this issue? Automatically deactivating CCEase (via relay) when ComfoAir binding is active?

Thank you!

Hey there.

As far as I know, current ComfoAir binding only works via RS232… I have it connected in this fashion, but as I use rs232-to-usb dongle cable, my ComfoAir 350Luxe, does not detect serial connection, and I had problems with binding working, until i removed the CCEase unit. Now openhab is running the CA350, and it is working as it should.

I know that my CA350 has also some Vcc imputs, and you can drive it with 0-10 V imput. But I have never tried this, as I could not find any easy way to produce 0-10V from arduino/raspberry.

I did not find rj45 on my unit. Can you send photo?