Connecting with device (using USR IoT USR-N540)

Hello. I have some issues with connecting to my device (IntesisBox ME-AC-MBS-1) by tcp using USR IoT USR-N540 (device use rs485 so i should use serial to IP converter). After configured my USR-N540, i must be able to connect with device by tcp using Openhab. But communication with the device does not occur. I also try to connect using some python libs (pyModbusTCP) and with modbus-cli too, but my connection refused by device or something else that interfere me. I use CentOs-7 (if it matter). Ping ip of converter works fine. Please, help! Tell me if i need give more info. Thanks!

Okay, that’s a Modbus-RTU slave.

How you did that is pretty important. I think you’d want to set up the serial port with baud etc., and set “work mode” for Modbus server.

Thank for your reply. This is screen from USR web-interface with settings.

Okay, for a start if you want to use it for Modbus you need to change “work mode”.

I select ModbusTCP. Should i change settings below?

I don’t know, never used this model. Have you read the USR manual?

Modbus-TCP is usually used with port 502.

I would advise against using any independent poll features, let openHAB manage polling.

That is true - but as the USR has 4 Modbus-ports you have to configure 4 different HTTP-ports.
As far as the Binding uses the configured ports there should be no problem.

Here is a working configuration from an other device:
SerialMode is set to DialSwitch, not to RS485 maybe that is the problem.

Thanks, i will try that.