Connecting Xiaomi Gateway V3 problems

Hi there!
I using OH2 2.5.0 on Ubuntu machine. The version of Xiaomi Home - Russian modification 5.6.50 *.
Yesterday I get my order with Xiaomi things and I’m trying to connect the gateway v3 to the OH2.

If I have understood the documentation of the binding #Xiaomi Mi IO Binding this gateway is not supported.
In a PaperUI looks online and there is few channels: network#SSID, BSSID, RSSI, Life and Actions: Power On/Off, Execute Command, (experimental)Execute Test Commands. I have connected one temp/hum sensor and one body sensor. I have a lot of sensors but I haven’t connect them yet. Now just I’m testing.
Is it mean that I can’t read the sensors connected to the gateway?
On the other hand, I think I can’t use the #Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding because I can’t activate the developer mode of the gateway. How I said, the gateway is v3 and its firmware version is: 1.4.5_0005, plug-in version 1.2.17.
Any suggestions? To change the gateway or to try to downgrade the firmware?