Connection for reading en writing Webasto Next EV charger

I recently purchased a Webasto Next EV charger.

Has anyone managed to get the chargers reading and writing work properly with:

  • the modbus connection or
  • occp-json or
  • API?

My intention is to build an EMS with Openhab for my EV charger, PV panels, heat pump and house.


Hi what you are trying to do is an intense but rewarding task (building an Ems).

I have no Webasto charger but I have a Heatpump and Solarinverter and EV charger that speak Modbus.

If your devices are speaking modbus for example there is a binding for that.

Also I thingk @mstormi has a finished product for that. but I dont’t know if it supports your charger.

It does in my EMS but it’s directly communication openHAB ↔ charger so no, can’t help you there.

The connection via modbus now works. Now continue with the development of the EMS in Openhab