Connection issues with Insteon Hub 2244-222

I’m running the 1.7.1 runtime but using the latest 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT of insteonplm. I have a Insteon Hub hardware version 2244-222 and have enabled port 9761 using HouseLinc. I verified connection to the port using telnet.

When OpenHAB boots up I get the following in my log:

2016-01-07 05:15:49.003 [ERROR] [.i.i.driver.hub.OldHubIOStream] - cannot open connection to port 9761: Connection timed out
at Method) ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[na:1.8.0]
at ~[bundlefile:na]
at org.openhab.binding.insteonplm.internal.driver.Port.start( [bundlefile:na]
at org.openhab.binding.insteonplm.internal.driver.Driver.startAllPorts( [bundlefile:na]
at org.openhab.binding.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding.initialize( [bundlefile:na]
at org.openhab.binding.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding.updated( [bundlefile:na]
at$ [org.eclipse.equinox.cm_1.0.400.v20120522-1841.jar:na]
at$ [org.eclipse.equinox.cm_1.0.400.v20120522-1841.jar:na]
2016-01-07 05:15:49.030 [DEBUG] [o.o.b.i.internal.driver.Port ] - failed to open port /hub/
2016-01-07 05:15:49.050 [DEBUG] [.o.b.i.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - ports started
2016-01-07 05:15:49.053 [ERROR] [.o.b.i.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - initialization complete, but found no ports!

Any ideas why this might not be working?

I know you said you already telnetted, but did you telnet from the machine on which OH is running? The log just screams “the port is not open”. Why else would it not be able to connect? Here is the code that raises the exception:

try {
			m_socket = new Socket(m_host, m_port);
			m_in	 = m_socket.getInputStream();
			m_out 	 = m_socket.getOutputStream();
		} catch (UnknownHostException e) {
			logger.error("unknown host name: {}", m_host, e);
			return (false);
		} catch (IOException e) {
			logger.error("cannot open connection to {} port {}: ", m_host, m_port, e);
			return (false);

There is nothing mysterious about it, the binding doesn’t even get a chance to have a bug. It’s gotta be a networking issue. Unless there are maybe some strange characters in the config file that cause m_host, m_port to not be what’s printed out on screen.

Good point! I hadn’t tried from the OpenHAB box yet. Turns out it wasn’t
able to hit the Hub because my firewall wasn’t allowing traffic to the rest
of the network from that port. It’s making a connection now. Thanks!