Connection to Karaf is refused

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currently my openHAB is not responding, when using my browser. Anyway I can see that the raspberry is in the network and I am even able to connect to it by using putty. So my next try to find relevant information is to enter Karaf by using the command “ssh -p 8101 -l openhab localhost” and then I am getting “connection refused” as a reply instead of the expected prompt for my password.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I have seen that from time to time, too. But I was never able to reproduce that. Usually a restart fixed it for me.

How it is about using openhab-cli console ?

That’s just a convience openHAB wrapper around the Karaf client script which starts a Java SSH client to connect to Karaf using the same port. It’s probably more error prone and resource hungry than starting the ssh command yourself. :slight_smile:

You are right. But for me (Linux Dummy) it’s easier to remember and when using “openhab-cli console” I don’t have to confirm with a password.

Yes it’s very convenient and the performance impact probably won’t be big. There was already an issue about these connection issues in openhab-docker so I’ve moved it to openhab-distro:

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