Connection to MyOpenHAB broken

Same here :cry:

Yeah the status page is going up and down one minute it says it is all green then next it is red intermittently.

Yup also down here again. Well we just have to play the waiting game I guess☺️

Same issue here.

Still no stable connection,keeps crashing, worked for a couple off minutes after a reboot, but than the errors above reapear!

Hi All, sorry for the delayed response. We lost one of our servers and the other 2 were not able to handle the load. I have brought this back into the cluster, but it may take a bit for traffic to balance across the 3 app servers. I am hoping i can add a fourth server to our app cluster asap to handle our growing user base…


Thanks for solving the issue.

I also thought it was a issue at my side, I’ll wait some hours and it will probably all be fixed by tomorrow.
It’s the first time I notice an outage of this fantastic free service, so not an issue at all.

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Is it solved? I am still facing this issue, reboot of OH doenst help, and the status page still aint helpful as it doesnt show the status :frowning:

Thank You Dan, you are always great!

Still have problems, after reconfigure openhab skill ann drop the devices, alexa find no devices…

Same here still get a mix of 400 and 502’s.

here too, still a mix of 400 and 502 since 0948 this morning

back online, Thx

Works over here, ty! Anyhow, it would be great to have a relieable status shown on the openhab status page.

Hi Dan thanks for all!

is there any way to setup a server that will run on users PCs…
some kind of shared server… just asking :slight_smile:

i will be happy to host if it will only take a small amount of resources from each server/user that want to help…

Is device discovery via e.g. Alexa also working again for you? While the connection from my local setup seems to be fine again Alexa is still unable to discover devices.

@digitaldan, is there a way for people to donate funds for the operation of myopenhab? Or is becoming a foundation member the only way to contribute?

Thanks for your efforts!

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You can also donate on other ways than a foundation membership.



Thanks, @Confectrician! And thanks @Andrew_Rowe for asking the same question earlier today. I missed seeing that when I scrolled through the latest posts.

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Yes Russell, I figured if all of us who could afford to, pitch in a few bucks, maybe we can get that new app server on line sooner!!!

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