Connection to OpenHAB from multiple Apple Devices (using HomeKit)

Hello community.
I have a question about possibility to control OpenHAB items from multiple Apple devices (using HomeKit service).
I have iPad and can control my OpenHAB items via HomeKit. No problems. But if I want to have such possibility from other Apple device (for instance iPhone), I just cannot find openHAB in the home app (but at same time there are no problems with iPad). Actually, such issue is described in official OpenHAB documentation (Troubleshooting section):

I did all steps, listed in this section on my iPad and found flag sf=0 (openHAB is already paired and does not accept any new pairing request). As I understand, I can connect (via HomeKit) to one OpenHAB sever only from one device and after clearPairing command executing I can set HomeKit connection to OpenHAB server only from one device. Am I correct ?

OpenHAB server is running on RPI4.

it is correct behaviour. you can connect only one device (or it is actually apple id) to homekit server.
if you want to control it from several devices you have 2 options:

  • devices are using the same apple ID
  • you share your home from one device with apple ID of other device. you can add additional apple id in home app → home settings
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Thank you for your help. It works.

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