Connection to Velux KLF 200 is lost after reboot

After I have found via the search only partly very old posts, still to a very annoying for me openHAB problem a question to the community. I have purchased a KLF 200 gateway for two skylights. The integration in openHAB is fine and I can control the two windows, respectively their shutters. But when I restart openHAB, which happens at least once a week due to a backup of the virtual machine running openHAB, I have the Velux KLF 200 connection offline more than 90% of the time afterwards. It only helps to power off the bridge, wait a short while, power it up again and then openHAB goes back online within seconds. Since the backup happens at night, this error then spams me the log full. In the meantime, I have hung a switchable socket to the power supply of the KLF 200, so that I do not always have to climb into the attic, but that is also no condition.

openHAB runs on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Zulu-Java in a virtual Proxmox environment.

I’m running the KLF200 as well, unfortunately its firmware seems to be buggy and it sometimes ends up in a state where you can’t establish a connection anymore.
My solution was to use a Z-Wave plug for the power supply. This plug is cutting mains through an OH rule whenever the gateway thing goes offline, then power it on again after a few seconds. Since then no issues anymore. Dirty, but working.
Would share, but my #*+&?! SD card again got killed. Will switch the HW platform, the PI is not reliable when it comes to storage.

For your information, an attempt to fix this issue was recently merged - included in 3.3:

You can check if there is a link to a JAR in the PR, otherwise I can build one for you, if you want to give it a try.

Best regards,
Jacob Laursen

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Hi Jacob,

thanks for your offer. I would wait the two month up to the expected release of the final version of openHAB 3.3. I live now so much time with this problem, that is doesn’t matter to wait this short time, too. But I am wondering that this problem is not addressed from velux, too. The net is full of people having this problem and the last firmware is over three years old. It is a bit of a pity.