ConnectorIO OpenHAB 3.4.x BACnet Addons - 'Cannot create thing' error

Running OpenHab 3.4.5 (docker image)

I’d like to see how a BACnet device could be consulted by Openhab. Then I’ve downloaded and compiled the ConnectorIO 3.4.x BACnet binding with the following command:

mvn clean install -pl :org.connectorio.addons.kar.bacnet -am

Then copied the generated kar file into the addons directory and installed in opehab console by typing:

feature:install openhab-binding-co7io-bacnet

Everything seemed ok, no errors, but when I try to add a thing (by PaperUI or by editing a .thing file), I get this error:
[ig.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Cannot create thing. No binding found that supports creating a thing of type co7io-bacnet:ipv4.

[l.thing.internal.GenericThingProvider] - No ThingHandlerFactory found for thing co7io-bacnet:ipv4:local (thing-type is co7io-bacnet:ipv4). Deferring initialization.

after several attempts for troubleshooting (setting more verbose logs for org.openhab, org.event and org.connectorio, switching to 4.0 opehab/connectorio version, trying to recompile in eclipse but unsuccessfully), I’m running out of ideas…maybe I’ve missed something for the addons installation ? Or the issue comes from the fact that I’m using a docker image ? Any hint will be more then appreciated, thank you so much :pray:

Hello @Silvia_C,
There was a bug in binding which lead to invalid behavior. I’ll be updating other branches (be aware - I’ll force push them) from 3.1.x up to 4.0.x.

Mean while you can cherry-pick following commits:

Last commit disables also communication watchdog which pulls things offline when polling fails to bring data.
Final point you can download KAR files from here: co7io-public-snapshots. Look for org.connectorio.addons.kar.bacnet in version relevant for your deployment.

Builds to watch: 3.4.x, 4.0.x.


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Many thanks @splatch for your prompt response, by dowloading KAR files I was able to create a bacnet thing without any error…you make my day :slight_smile:
Kind Regards

You’re welcome. In case you spot any miss-behavior please post issue with details/stack trace at github.

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