Consider IDE neutral development

With the huge changeover coming, could we consider a more neutral approach to IDEs ?

Currently, the setup requires developers to check in their eclipse project and classpath files. Shortcomings are that eclipse writes the home directory of the user into the classpath files if you want to have source attachements. Which helps immensely if you want to develop just one specific binding without having the complete ESH (oops, sorry, openhab-core) source tree around.

A the very least, we could add proper entries in the .gitignore directories so the config files of IntelliJ are ignored as well.

Another point would be to add .editorconfig files to the repositories so the UTF-8 encoding issue for source files (and ISO-whatever for property files) are managed centrally without being bound to a Eclipse installation.


Can you expand upon the “huge changeover”?

Edit: Nevermind… found it.

There is active work to get the openHAB-core to a pure maven build. Kai mentioned this in his announcement. This is will make it much more simpler to make it independent of a specific IDE. Maybe than the eclipse project files can be removed too.
The next step intended is to also migrate the openhab2-addons repository to a complete maven build. But that would probably take some time.