Considering a windows install

I have a OH1 instance on headless linux, another based on openhabianpi, and another oh2 instance also on headless linux. the linux ones are VMs and the openhabian is a raspberry pi 2.

I was hoping for something with a little more grunt to consolidate down to one system. ANd considering the Windows 10. Only because I do have Kodi on there and Acronis for backups.

I’m pretty happy with windows, and also enjoy python and scripting on linux.

How good is openhab on windows, and what might I be giving up in terms of scripts etc? Or should i look as rebuilding the system as linux.

I also have a zwave usb controller on the openhabian - this would more to the windows instance as well.

I find it excellent on Windows 10. I have very few problems.

I use NSSM (Non Sucky Service Manager) to run OH2 as a service. This means it is automatically run with Windows regardless of if a user is logged in or not (handy for those auto updates that occur) It also means no cmd windows running on my media center.

I also run Mosquitto as a service from the same windows machine.

I don’t think you would be giving up any scripts etc. You can install python on a windows machine.

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OH works fine under Windows.

Tip: Be aware that moving to a more powerful or multi-core host can show up race conditions in your rules. You may have to use reentrant locking where you didn’t before.