Considering switching to OpenHab - can I track my iPhone?

After having major hazels with an open source home assistance application on my RPI 3b+, I’m seriously considering moving to OpenHab mostly because of more stability (no Breaking changes all the time) and more focus on usability than on geeky features.

One thing I’m using a lot is a “Who Is Where” map where tracking of our iPhones is done from the HA-app on our phones. I know Apple has this map also but only having to go to the HA-app to see everything about your home and your family is better I think. You can then make rules from the on tracking information.

I don’t like yaml and over complicated rules setup with Node-red.

Any goodies regarding OpenHab is welcomed

I use to track my iPhone the iCloud binding and UniFi binding (my whole network is UniFi based). I’m very happy with openHAB, stay with the stable or milestone version and you’re good.
It has a steep learning curve, but the power you’ll get, it’s worth it.

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I can find the OpenHab app in AppStore could this app not be extended to allow location tracking ? Then I will not have to enable iCloud (otherwise I could just use FindMyIphone and FindMyFriends)

Here you have an example:

As far as I known, the native app can’t be used for tracking. Other options besides iCloud/findmyphone is with Owntracks.

I am an Openhab newbie and was able to setup Owntraks on my phone and connected with relative ease. Just like with anything new, my advice from is to just take everything one step at a time. Get your base system installed, find some simple tutorials to, create a switch, or a trigger, then get owntracks up and connected…etc.


The most popular solution in openHAB is this one, on iOS it uses the owntracks app to announce whereabouts.

There’s also an iCloud binding but I don’t use iOS so no experiences to share.

Wow this is so cool - thank you - this is just what I want - I want to update when I’m entering the city where I work and when I leave - then home can be notified or lights can start flashing or Sonos can start playing music etc…