Console Closes when trying to use it

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel Pentium G3258 4.0GHz
    • OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1803
    • Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.0_181-b13
    • openHAB version: 2.3.0 Release Build
  • Issue of the topic: I have installed OpenHAB and set it as a service, I can open the dashboard and use it, but after I open the console and login, pressing any key at the “openhab>” prompt causes the console to close.
    How do I use the console without it closing?

What client are you using to log into the console? PuTTY?

I’m using the shortcut the installer made:


edit: Seems to be called Karaf

Not helpful but I’m also experiencing the same thing.

Were you able to get Karaf to accept anything? It’s been months and I still can’t get this to work.

What are you entering at the command prompt?

I gave up on it and installed PuTTY.

If you touch any key at the openhab> prompt, the console window closes.

I haven’t used the shortcut the installer made to access the console but when using Putty I’ve never had an issue.

Try installing putty and connect via ssh to your OH.

What settings do I use in Putty? Is it port 22?

I’ve tried my server’s IP and port 22 as well as localhost and port 22, both refuse connection.


I take it you’ve right clicked and run as admin?

yes, I found I need to use Putty at & Port 8101 per,

Thank you

I just had the same issue that any keypress after login into karaf immediately ended the session.
Obviously, karaf does not like the option “SSH-browser type” to be set to “SFTP protocol” in my terminal application MobaXterm. Choose “None” and everything is fine. Or choose putty as pointed out above.