Consulting: What data base to use for persistance

Dear all,

I am using influxdb since ca. one year. I use it to record my ata such as temperature and humidity for historical analysis. Technically it is working as long as I do not want to touch something. I remember hassling around when I wanted to delete some wrong values. Now I want to change the name of the fields which seams to be tricky as well. UIs are also missing or their features are quite limited (I have no issue with command line while for a database this does not feel the most intuitive way to work with). Hence I think about changing DB, e.g. using MySQL. But before doing I was searching for a pro/con list of those databases but could not find (maybe I searched wrong?).
If this does not exist, I would like to start a discussion about pro/con of different DB systems for OpenHab 2.

Thanks and best

Well, MySQL has the advantage that you can use phpmyadmin. The huge drawback for me was that the tables for the items are named “item1”, “item2”,… And you have one table called “Items” which connects the name “Item1” to the actual item name. So especially with Grafana that was really annoying

That’s definitely a drawback I was not aware off.
Any further thoughts? Any advises how to admin influx dB properly?

Im not sure if im understanding you correctly, but why dont you use grafana to turn your influxdb datebase in to charts.

Its very easy to use and you can make some basic charts to look back at if you want or need to. You can look back 5 years if you want to.

You can display the grafana charts in your sitemap or habpanel to acces easily.

My question is more about the database that stores the values and less about what tool to use for interpreting the data.
Even though influx dB is working, my main concern and feedback is a missing management tool to admin values (e.g. Delete wrong values, rename, etc).

Did you have a look into chronograf? Once i was thinking about installing it but then I had something else to do. But before using mySQL/phpmyadmin i would first try to use InfluxDB with Chronograf:

Good point - anybody using this with openhab(ian) on a RP 4 and can give feedback? Thanks and best

I got Chronograf installed and running with the following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chronograf
sudo systemctl start chronograf

I can even see my values but I still does not know how to e-g- delete the selected value:

Any glue? Does not feel intuitive (yet) :wink:
Thanks and best

Ok. I thought that chronograf is come kind of management interface since i read about it here:

But like you, i’ve just installed it and well - it’s similar to graphana with less features. But there isn’t any real admin interface. It just shows the databases and enables you to make some configuration to them.

For everything else, you need to write your queries (SELETE XYZ from…).
Sorry for the misleading hint. I think you can uninstall it right away. At least I will.

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