Contactless human detector on chair sensor

Hi everyone.
I am developing a sensor for detecting human presence on chair.
I know that some attempts have been already made using Aqara board and a pressure sensor on top of the chair, or simply mechanical switches inside the chair pillow.
What I am trying to realize is a sensor which will be hidden (on normal daily usage) and could be applicable on most of chair types (the real limit is the visual aspect).
The sensor will be placed on the bottom of the chair and will be battery powered. I made some preliminary calculus using CR2025 battery and it reasonably will last 1/2 years, but maybe after the development and optimization will be better.
In my opinion, having many sensor in my home with zigbee, the board should use zigbee.
When the person is detected it will trigger an event. A part from the event it will always know that the person in on chair or not, so it is not a simple accelerometer which recognise motion. But it could also embed an accelerometer for other information. openHUB in any time will read the occupancy state of the chair.
I have already made some tests using around 10 chairs types and it seems to work reasonably well.
In my opinion this is a cool thing and could open to some new automation, and this is the reason why I am doing it, but I would like to know your opinion.
I would really appreciate your answer and if you have some time, a few minutes, I leave here a link of a google form. Thank you for your time.

Done. Some of your questions were confusing for me. In my perspective it doesn’t matter what protocol or battery format it is as long as it works well and meshes properly with the furniture.

Thank you.
Yes you are right but after the sensor will work fine I think it’s important to spend time developing for the right radio protocol and choose the correct energy source. For example using 2 AA would guarantee much more duration respect cr2025 but they are bigger. Before that I share with you that the sensor has to be reliable.