Containerstation 4.0.0 M3 last working Build

Hi all

Since OH 4.0.0 M4 I can’t pull the docker Image. It fails imidiately.
Has some a solution for that?

What error does it show?

Error 2023/08/25 18:37:20 Container admin Failed to do background task (create, openhab-1)
Error 2023/08/25 18:37:20 Container admin Background task error for create openhab-1: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error (missing signature key)

That seems very QNAP specific which I do not know anything about. :upside_down_face: If nobody here knows what this is about, try instead.

I don’t know what is meant with signature key…

I don’t know either, but I did find this big topic about QNAP Docker issues with HTTP 500 errors, maybe it is related:

I don’t think this is the problem because I use 2.0.957 Container Station

Hi @Regedit, I upgraded some Docker tooling and build wborn/openhab:4.0.2 which works for me with Docker 1.13.1 on which I could reproduce the issue. Maybe you can give this image a try?

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Thank you verry much for your effort. That looks realy great. Could you please add this to the normal build?

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Updating the tooling did not completely fix it. After having another look it seems to be due to a change in the way manifests are created by default. I found some options to create manifests that are compatible again with older Docker versions. Can you test if wborn/openhab:4.0.3 works?

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That works!

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I’ve now merged the fix and also triggered some builds for:

  • openhab/openhab:3.4.5
  • openhab/openhab:4.0.3
  • openhab/openhab:4.1.0.M1
  • openhab/openhab:4.1.0-snapshot

So you should be able to enjoy the recent official openHAB releases again on old hardware. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you verry much. Great work :slight_smile:

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