Contributing to org.openhab.binding.lutron docs?

I found a bunch of small but tricky errors in the lutron docs and would love to contribute back some edits and another example to save the next person. I followed the link at the bottom of the page after following the instructions on how to find where the docs are, and this binding doesn’t seem to be the others. The link at the bottom of the page gives a 404. I’m guessing it’s maintained somewhere else? If it’s going to be super painful to submit a PR, maybe I can just send some small suggestions to maintainer. Just want to give back.

This is the broken link

Should be there:

I see, there’s a small difference between the correct link (above) and the suggested link for editing (bottom link below). Is the top one the right place to submit a PR for corrections? The bundles suggests to me it’s output from somewhere else maybe or is it ok to submit direct edits?

That’s because the website get’s updated every week or so and we are currently migrating to a new buildsystem, so bundles change their directory path very frequently at the moment. The website will eventually catch up.

Got it, and thanks for your patience. I will submit a PR for and hopefully that will be useful.

Unfortunately nope if i am right.

CC @ysc
I think we have to fix the link generation during the homepage build.
I have already fixed the general process of getting those readmes in the new structure, but it seems the edit links have been forgotten so far.

I have opened an issue in the website repo to fix this:

Thanks - fixed.