Control A/C without remote control?

Dear Community,

I have flood standing A/C LG TP-C808FLA1, I want to control it. However it doesn’t have remote control (no IR receiver).

I think to control it ON/OFF. But it is three phases.

So, could you please guide me for some switch or smart plug that supports three phases or other practical idea works with openHAB?

how come? is it broken?
in one of the manuals that i found, an IR remote control seems to be available:

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This type of A/C doesnt have remote control.

How many wires in your plug? Is it 3 line a neutral and ground?

Could you use something like this ?

One channel each phase?
They have another 4 channel model also not sure the difference.

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I tried to avoid using Sonoff as I heard it is not safe especially for such usage.

What is not safe about sonoff?

Sonoff can overheat if overloaded (like any electrical device)…
Not really up to the job of this kind of load.

You wouldn’t want to use three or four sonoff to switch a three-phase machine, because you want all phase switching positively linked together.

It’s possible to use a single-phase sonoff to control a three-phase contactor.
I doubt the a/c unit would start up properly just by banging the mains power on though?

How do you currently control it? via the switches on the unit? If so then you could use an Arduino/ESP to control it…

Yes, I assume that it has some buttons, so it might be better to wire any ESP controller (Sonoff for example) to the buttons. Then you don’t have to deal with high voltage, etc…