Control air conditioner

i want to control my air conditioner via mqtt.
i have the broker setup and an ESP8266 with an IR LED. the ESP8266 waits for a message like this:
i want to add a button, a mode selector, fan selector and a temperature control.
how do i define all this and assemble an appropriate message?

well i did it with node red dashboard
now i just need to integrate it in openhab


I dont know anything about node red dash …

But i can help on the “normal” way …

The steps will be:

1. Install and configure MQTT binding if you dont have it allready…

2. Make a item file for your conditioner settings so you have a item for every setting.



Group cond

Number cond_power "Power" <light> (cond)
Number cond_mode "Mode" <light> (cond)
Number cond_fan "Fan" <light> (cond)
Number cond_temp "Tem" <light> (cond)
Number cond_vert "Vert" <light> (cond)
Number cond_horiz "Horiz" <light> (cond)
Switch cond_send "Send Update" <light> (cond)

3. Make a sitemap to display the items or integrate the items in a given sitemap .


(set the min and max values from the setpoint items to your needs)

sitemap cond label="Cond"
{ Frame label="Conditioner"
Setpoint item=cond_power label="Power: [%.1f]" minValue=0 maxValue=1 step=1
Setpoint item=cond_mode label="Mode: [%.1f]" minValue=1 maxValue=3 step=1
Setpoint item=cond_fan label="Fan: [%.1f]" minValue=1 maxValue=3 step=1
Setpoint item=cond_temp label="Temp: [%.1f]" minValue=1 maxValue=3 step=1
Setpoint item=cond_vert label="Vert: [%.1f]" minValue=1 maxValue=3 step=1
Setpoint item=cond_horiz label="Horiz: [%.1f]" minValue=1 maxValue=3 step=1
Switch item=cond_send mappings=[ON="Update"]

4. Make an Rule to build the mqtt string and send it when update is pressed

rule "cond_sendmqtt"
    Item cond_send received update ON
// Build the String
var contmqtt = "power="+cond_power.state+"&mode="+cond_mode.state+"&fan="+cond_fan.state+"&temp="+cond_temp.state+"&vert="+cond_vert.state+"&horiz="+cond_horiz.state

//Send MQTT
publish("yourbroker", "yourtopic", contmqtt)

//Set Update switch to off
postUpdate(cond_send, OFF)

You also can make a switch with mappings for the power switch instead of the numbers …


did someone find a smart way to record the IR for all the combinations?

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