Control Alexa discovered smart device using the Echo Control Binding?

Hi Folks,

I have a CE smart out door multi plug which works pretty well through Alexa natively. It does not work with openhab (although I’m aware i could flash it).

I was curious, since the device works fine via Alexa, could I use the Alexa Echo Control binding to manage this device? I didn’t see an obvious way, but I was hoping it would be possible to emulate a voice command to turn the plug off/on using the control binding or access the device directly with it.


Will leave this question up for others since I got it working, sortof.

It doesnt look like you can control a smarthome device directly via Alexa using the binding, but you can trigger Alexa Routines with the binding. An Alexa routine can be mapped to a device Alexa is aware of and then triggered using the Echo Control binding.

The big issue here is Alexa routines do not directly support toggling of power or switches since they don’t track state. For tracking state, I’m using a virtual switch to represent the current status in openhab of my outdoor plug.

How exactly do you accomplish that? I have an Amazon Smart Plug and routines configured to turn it on & off. How do I trigger those routines from OH?

Hi Bruce,

See this binding :
I guess you can use the “startRoutine” channel with a rule. (haven’t tested it myself)

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yeah. It is supposed to be “string” so I cannot figure out how to actually use it.

I’m trying to figure out the same, any ideas if this works?
Would love to run an Alexa routine with a press of a button.