Control backlight on Android phone?

What is the simplest way to remotly turn off/on backlight on a Android phone? I use a number of old smartphones as user panels in my house and would like to change the backlight level from OH.

Tasker with something like NotifyMyAndroid or PushBullet (unofficial binding is available) and Secure Settings. Have OH send a notification and Tasker will pick up the notification and adjust the screen brightness.

I use the “day dream” features found in the android settings menu under
displays ( i think), this will keep the screen on, but in a dim state with
a desired screen saver ( i use the clock). Tapping the screen will wake it
up. Our android app has some code in it to support this use case, along
with full screen mode it makes for a great touch panel.

The PushBullet solution looks interesting, where can i get the binding?

See this posting. I think there is a pull request as well and it just hasn’t been approved yet.

The link in the post was empty :frowning:

Hmmmm. @exilhanseat, is this binding available anywhere? I couldn’t find a pull request either. How can people get it?

In the meantime you can try NotifyMyAndroid or set up mqttWarn with PushBullet.