Control DALI lights via bluetooth binding

Hi everybody!

I’m super new to OpenHab so I really hope you can help me with this.
I have been trying to reach a Casambi controller via OpenHab and bluetooth to control LEDs with DALI.
I installed the bluetooth binding, yet when searching for things, it didn’t find anything. So I tried adding the Bluetooth devices manually by typing in the address and using connected Bluetooth devices, but it gave me a configuration error and said something about ‘not associated with any bridge’. Yet when I click on create bridge, it just gets me back to the Bluetooth device menu.
Now I read a bit about the bluetooth binding not working toooo well and am worried that it is not gonna be appropriate to control the controller for the LEDs. What do you think? Is there an easier solution on OpenHab for that?

BT essentially is a point-2-point protocol, so to use it to connect to a bridge controller that in turn connects to DALI wires is … well :roll_eyes: probably not the best idea (and certainly nothing an openHAB beginner should start with).
Search the forum for DALI, I recall there’s people who made Ethernet DALI controllers work with OH.

Wow, thanks for the fast response!
So far I couldn’t find anything related to my issue, unfortunately…
The problem is that the controllers are already built in. The idea to control them via OH came up afterwards. And there is no chance to reach them in another way than bluetooth, so no Ethernet etc. …
The setup so far is the controller (Casambi CBUASD), the driver (DALI CT Dimmable Driver DT8) and then the LEDs. If possible, we’d like to avoid having to replace these controllers only to make them accessible to OH.
I read some stuff about KNX gateways to DALI and then reaching the KNX via bluetooth. As far as I understood this would mean another KNX based system right? Any suggestions on that?

Yes, but that’s nonsense. You’re trying to ride a dead horse.
You should return to tech selection / design and exchange controllers. Sorry, but to insist on keeping them means to throw good money/HW after a bad invest. And make up your mind first this time how control is supposed to work in terms of electrical connections, protocols and SW.

:smiley: Okay, riding a dead horse really doesn’t sound too good… Thanks for the advice, we’ll start looking for better connecting devices then

Casambi is a good system, they just haven’t gotten on board with third party integration just yet, most likely because they worry about losing sales of control equipment.

For example if you could control the casambi lights with a third party with no additional equipment, then casambi lose sales.

But to me they are missing a major market of people with existing control equipment looking for a decently robust and flexible lighting system.

I will invest in casambi when they open up http integration, and sadly never before that.

Casambi, if you are listening, it is what the people want.

Casambi maybe have been listening:


Hello felow members,

I am also new here and have a lot of interest in CASAMBI integration with openHAB.
Has anyone worked on the integration yet?