Control LED-RGB Stripes using RPI

I use a RPI to run an LED-RGB stripe.
Now i want to control that LED-Stripe via OpenHAB using a Colour-picker to choose the colour for the stripe.

on the RPI there is a scritp that expect some input of that form
i tried to use the exec-binding to run the script.
have checked out some tutorials but don’t see how to configurate the items-file

hope someone can help me with this.

What kind of script?

its a start/stop script for an selfmade c-program(wiring-pi) which controls the RGB-strip via soft-pwm.

Take a look here, unfortunately its in German language, but I’m sure you will be able to read the code parts.

german isn’t any problem for me. :wink:

unfortunatly, the exec binding and runing scripts isn’t my problem.
My problem is, how i can make the item send an command
with a switch it is {“ON: …”}
but how ca i manage that with an colorpicker?
how can i translate the inernal system to RGB by that?

i tried it this way:
“color color_led_cinema_binclockLED “Farbe Hintergrundbeleuchtung Binäruhr” (ld_cinema, log) {exec=”>[OFF:/opt/openhab/scripts/ 0 2] >[ON:/opt/openhab/scripts/ 0 2 start static 100 100 100 100]"}"
But it didn’t work in any way

for example this as switch works well:
“Switch switch_led_cinema_binclockLED “Schalter Hintergrundbeleuchtung Binäruhr” (ld_cinema, log) {exec=”>[OFF:/opt/openhab/scripts/ 0 2] >[ON:/opt/openhab/scripts/ 0 2 start static 100 100 100 100]"}"

I saw a couple of posts where this was done in rules through a hsbtype, maybe it’s worth a look:

Thanks for the help

I have solved the Problem with a simple Convertion-Rule.
Last Thing to do was using the
"ExecuteCommandLine()" instead of “SendCommand()” as, i found no way to use the exec-binding in a rule
The complete Rule now looks like:

    import org.openhab.core.library.types.*

    var HSBType hsbValue
    var String  redValue
    var String  greenValue
    var String  blueValue

    rule "Set color_led_cinema_binclockLED value"
            Item color_led_cinema_binclockLED changed
            hsbValue = color_led_cinema_binclockLED.state as HSBType

            redValue   =
            greenValue =
            blueValue  =

        executeCommandLine("/opt/openhab/scripts/" + redValue + "@@" + greenValue + "@@" + blueValue + "@@100")

At the Moment i keep the switch in use to turn the stripe “on” and “off”