Control lights with switch ALSO wirelessly?

I’m trying to make a board that can be activated wirelessly but also used by the switch as my parents would rather use the switches. I’ve seen someone who made this and posted a video of it on youtube but I think he only gave the firmware/codes and no board schematics etc.

Would be greatly appreciated if someone told me how to do that, I basically want to make a board that will be in the line between my wall switch and lights, I want it so that people can control the lights with the switch as well as wirelessly.

Like I said in the first thread you posted. This is an openHAB forum. You will have better luck posting to an ESP8266 or DIY electronics forum.

Take a look at the Sonoff Touch.

Use a relay to switch your lights. The wall switch can be wired to simply be a latching switch sensed by your board, read state changes in the switch. Your same code that reads for your signal can act on the state change. This is essentially what the Insteon micro controllers do.