Control of Eve Energy

hi there,

i am quite new to OH2 and already running more or less successfully a OH2 server on a raspberry with hue lamps. all of this is controlled through a wall mounted samsung tablet running the habpanel ui.
but i also got some elgato eve energy for some plugged lights like a standard lamp, mood lights etc. which i am actually controlling through apple home / siri
is there a way to control these elgato eve plugs through OH2 like i control my hue lamps on the habpanel ui?
is there a sort of binding like the hue or home binding?

looking forward to be pushed to the right direction,

thanks & regards


does no one have a clue?

Same question here. Didn’t find a way yet to get OpenHAB to talk to my Eve Energy wallplug.
Does anyone have a clue which protocol it’s using ?