Control of low voltage outdoor lighting

Curious what you all use to control low voltage LED outdoor lighting. I’ll be installing some on deck stairs, patio, etc. Would like to control each area independently (e.g. stairs, patio, driveway).

I see the lights, cabling, and multi-tap transformers, but I’ve not found something to integrate this with openHAB 2. I’d like to control the lighting from the openHAB UI, schedule using OH rules, and trigger from OH rules using my Z-Wave motion sensors.

I just put in a controllable outlet on the line voltage side of the transformer. That said, there are a number of low voltage relays (they still need a line voltage power supply) out there that are zwave compatible that I’ve been looking at for our gas fireplace -

Take a look at the Wemos D1 Mini with the relay module. A very cheap way to get a wifi connected relay hooked up!

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have a look at these options.