Control of sony home cinema amp via IP?

A friend suggested that Sony have some protocol over IP which allows you to control some of their home cinema devices, as usual the manufacturers support facades are as useful as a car minus wheels.

So here I am, hoping some uber-techie knows of this hidden protocol and maybe put me in the right direction? This could be my first binding development for OH if I can find out more about this ‘protocol’.

If your amp is not already supported, the page has a link to the Sony Audio Control API

Noticed that one, it only includes the AV receivers… I’m under the impression there is another protocol that has been out longer but never actually got used because like all capitalist machines, why support and expand on existing lines when new lines mean more sales.

I’ll have a look at that sony link you gave, thanks!

What exactly would be the difference between a home cinema amp and an AV receiver? To me they were always synonymous :slight_smile:

Semantics… :rofl:

The BDV range are amps plus bluray players.

This is the one I want to automate in particular -

I just looked it up as well. Hope you get it connected.

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Interesting… thanks!

This binding is currently in review and is rather large. If you’re interested and can read code (which I assume you could given you want to build a binding :slight_smile: You could have a look at the sony binding and test/review the code. It’s also interesting if you want to learn about how to build bindings:

Brilliant idea. Best way to get to grips with a foreign framework is when you have a personal need.

The Sony Audio binding is pretty much deprecated at this point because the Sony binding does everything it does and much more. BDVs are supported - however because they are so old, they didn’t get a full command base. There is someone on the forum that has a BDV 9200 - which will support IRCC (the ability to send commands like a remote control [volume up, down, etc - basically anything the remote control supports]) and limited scalar support (setting of audio settings and a few system settings).

I’m guessing your’s would be similar - look at the sony forum for details - feel free to PM if you have questions

EDIT: if I remember correctly, the device also supports the DIAL service (which basically allows you to directly start installed applications).

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