Control Openhab things from thingsboard

I have installed Openhab and it’s working fine. I have also installed Thingsboard. I want to know is there any way to send commands from Thingsboard to Openhab and share the state updates of things to Thingsboard using mqtt? I read about mqtt binding in Openhab but as its name says it’s just for binding mqtt devices. What I need is an addons or way to share all state to an external MQTT broker and accept commands from it.

Hmm, a bit like the way used to link two openHAB instances with MQTT?

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It is interesting that they do not appear to support the Zigbee & Z-Wave protocols designed specifically for IoT devices. I did not see it on their roadmap either.

Yes, but not exactly. There are some limitations on Remote openHAB binding that is mentioned in pinned topic.

MQTT is designed to connect different IoT systems & @rossko57 specifically said MQTT, not remoteopenhab.

MQTT IS exactly the solution unless you develop your own addon.

Yes, Unfortunately. It’s a bit strange

Thanks, I know MQTT is exactly the solution. But that addons has limitations. I just wanted to know is there any other addons to use. I think I should go and develop our own addon

Not supporting those protocols tells me it is not a serious project.

Do you know any better solution instead of thingsboard ?

openHAB & Home Assistant are both free, more mature, & more feature-complete than springboard.

There are other not-so-free solutions for local control such as Hubitat.

Of course there are vendor lock-in solutions too.

Do read it properly. The thread dates from before Remote binding was available, and describes using the standard MQTT binding to cross-link to another system.

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