Control over knx to Zwave

Hello Folks

I am looking for a solution.
I have in my home 2 systems “savant” knx controlled. Light,HCAC,Audio&video. And Fibaro Z-wave.
The Z-wave Controle.s Alarm,blindes,light Status of the House,

I read that you can Whitt openHab Can binding Z-wave. So i want to use openhab as a 2 way communication hub between knx and Z-wave inc live status. Is this posible ?

Yes it is

Your wording is strange. What do you mean by the title ? What do you mean by a “communication hub” ?
Any proper answer depends on what you mean by that. You give nowhere near the required amount of details. How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community .

Beste Markus

Ty for your answer. / Question.

On my point of view is a “communication hub” A program ore hardware that can talk between 2 standaards. In my question knx <-> Z-wave.

I have Knx and Z-wave at home but i cant control the z-wave over the knx Ore z-wave over knx.

If i have the good understanding over openhab it can do both. So i make a knx groups adres en the z-wave dimmer go on ore of.

Yes but it’s a irritating way of looking at things which makes me wary you have fully understood how it will work. You don’t run your automation rules on the KNX controller, talking straight to KNX devices and to Z-Wave devices through an OpenHAB hub. Or vice versa.
Instead, OpenHAB will run your automation rules on an abstract representation of all of your devices, it’ll use the gateway functions to translate abstract commands to KNX commands on a specific physical connection (the gateway) whenever it’s a KNX device you talk to, and will translate abstract commands into ZWave commands on usually a controller stick that is attached to the computer you run openHAB on.

I’m pretty sure it’s not about automation but about a knx wall switch to control a z-wave dimmer or vice versa. :wink:
And if I’m correct, the answer is yes, that’s what openHAB is for.

Well even for that simple operations, opposed to if you stay inside either KNX or ZWave, that probably still wouldn’t work without automation rules something barebone like
when Item KNX_Switch changed then ZWave_Switch.sendCommand(KNX_switch.state).
I believe to mention that is important for the OP’s understanding.

Yes Udo

The automation is already done. Ty for all you info. i am going to test.

How? In your KNX control server ?
You cannot map ZWave devices 1:1 to KNX devices so you’ll need at least simple mapping rules like the one I gave.
And that is really an architectural fail and blatant misuse of OH. It is meant to be the controller to handle all automation, and it can do far better than any KNX or other server can do.

Beste Mstormi

In the first question.

I have in my home 2 systems “savant” knx controlled. Light,HCAC,Audio&video. And Fibaro Z-wave.
The Z-wave Controle.s Alarm,blindes,light Status of the House,

So i have al ready 2 controllers Savant and Fibaro.

Hoping to give for you the answer.

So you have 2 systems, each to have automation rules but these only apply to the devices of that system so no interoperability ?

I’d suggest you setup OH to

  • have “mirror” OH items of your KNX devices which address these through your KNX gateway (assuming your “Savant” can act as a GW, I don’t know that system but would assume it can do that)
  • implement all your automation in OH rules
  • add a zwave controller stick to the box you run OH on (Aeotec or or RaZberry)
  • migrate your ZWave devices to that controller (ex- + include them again)

Finally you can dump the Fibaro home center.

I know that’s a long journey to take but it’s worth the effort since it’ll allow for integrated, comprehensive control such as a scene to set lights AND blinds in one go. That won’t ever work well unless you migrate to have a single controller only (OH, that is).