Control philips hue bulbs with CC2531 and ZigBee Binding (+alexa)

Hello together!

My goal is to run the following configuration:

Control my philips hue living colors with openhab on raspberry pi 3 with CC2531-Stick without Hue-Bridge and with ZigBee Binding. (If this is running, the next step is, that i can control the light via alexa voice-command, but one after another)

I did research a longer period, but i only could find tutorials/guides to run this setup with Zigbee2mqtt.
There a much additional things have to be installed. (Mosquitto etc.)
Since there is already existing the zigbee binding, this must be the easier way.

So my questions are:

Is someone here already running this setup successfully?
Does someone know a tutorial for this case?

I would very much appreciate an answer.

Best Regards
Mr. Bug

I bought this stick, do not know if the out of the box firmare is the right.

Welcome to openHAB.

First start is always to read the binding docs and follow them closely.
Then tell us at what point you are stuck.


For OpenHAB especially always start by reading the official documentation written by the knowledgeable developers. Anything else should just build on that base. If it contradicts the added information is likely incorrect.

I’m running using the Zigbee binding and at least for me few devices it works just fine.

Typically there isn’t specific tutorials like this. See How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial). But as suggested, the binding docs are your go-to source for information on how to get started with that binding. But the binding docs already assume you are familiar with OH concepts and in general how OH works, so start with the Concepts section of the docs and make sure you have a good understanding of the basics.

This is another case in point where the binding docs will be your go-to source for information. From the docs:

The CC2531 USB dongle must be flashed with the correct firmware in order to work with this binding. The file can be downloaded from TI website archives ( as part of the Z-STACK-HOME v.1.2.2a package. The file name is CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex and its sha256 is 3cc5dc571ef0f49e3f42c6c2ca076d6f8fef33a945c71e6f951b839ba0599d3c .

The docs go on to provide flashing instructions.